TickSlick Ingredients

TickSlick is a unique proprietary solution, that conditions the coat, and is
Safe and Effective.

No more poisoning your beloved pets to keep dangerous and tenacious TickSlick.  Use TickSlick  to safely keep your pets coat Too Slick for Ticks to stick! And with our unique coat conditioning formulation your pets coat will actually be healthier, shinier, and smell better than ever!

* No animal products.  No animal testing.  Does not contain: pesticides, alcohol, dyes, parabens, or phosphates. *


Deionized Water

Glycerin- humectant, plant based glycerin, may be derived from Palm Oil

Propanediol- humectant/solvent

Emulsifying Wax NF- emulsifier, vegetable derived

Polysorbate 20- surfactant/solubilizer/emulsifier

Lavender Oil- fragrance, plant derived   (Or Eucalyptus oil in new eucalyptus scent)

Phenoxyethanol- preservative, commonly used in personal care

Dimethicone- organic polymer with rheological properties, used in cosmetics

Potassium Sorbate- preservative, commonly found in food

For topical use only. For animal use only. Not recommended for cats due to essential oil scents. Do not use in open cuts or wounds. Keep product out of direct sunlight. Store in moderate temperatures.

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