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Tick Slick 20-Ounce Concentrate

*You will need to add exactly 27 ounces of purified water for every 5 ounces of concentrate! This is to avoid shipping water.

Add to spray bottle and apply.

Our professionally formulated Oil-Free coat conditioner applies easily and safely to horses and dogs making their coats literally “Too Slick for Ticks”.

Our lavender, or eucalyptus, scented conditioner is a natural deterrent without harsh chemicals. Just spray on and ticks can not hang on!

Simply apply to a clean animal companion anywhere that may come into contact with grasses, weeds, or shrubs. Pay special attention to legs and tails.

A single application will last up to a week, yet is safe to use daily.

Tickslick concentrate may be pre-mixed and stored in a closed container, then shaken and poured into a bottle with sprayer.

What’s in this sleek solution?

TickSlick ingredients are commonly found in cosmetics and hair conditioners. There are no known negative side effects for animals or their human handlers.

Click here for detailed mixing directions.

Other Benefits:

  • Effective immediately and continues deflecting ticks for up to one week, or longer.
  • Oil-Free. Leaves no residue. Quick drying.
  • Can be used on a wet or dry coat.
  • Free of negative side effects.
  • Safe to use daily.
  • Safe to use in combination with nearly all other pest prevention products.
  • Use to easily remove stickers and tangles.
  • Deflects Bot Fly eggs from attaching to horses and livestock.
  • Deters dirt and creates a coat that will look and feel better than ever!
  • Grooming time may be cut by up to 80%.
  • TickSlick lavender scent is pleasant and calming, and it naturally deflects ticks.
  • TickSlick eucalyptus scent is refreshing and cleansing, and it naturally deflects ticks.

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Lavender, Eucalyptus

2 reviews for TickSlick 20oz Concentrate (Makes 1 Gallon)

  1. Maureen

    This is my second year in a row using TickSlick. It absolutely works and I love it. I have predominately used it on my horse who lives on pasture in Virginia. In the spring time, before I started using TickSlick I would literally pull 10 to 20 ticks out of his forelock, mane and tail on a daily basis. I was amazed that as soon as I started spraying this in those areas, rarely did I see a tick on him (and usually only if it had been several days since I had applied the spray.)
    This spring not one tick yet (but they are out and sticking to other horses!) I have recommended this product to others and will continue to spread the word!!

  2. Wendy

    I live in a very wooded area and the ticks are a real problem. Lyme disease is rampant here. I do not use any harsh chemicals on my dogs for several reasons and was getting frustrated by natural products that never performed like they claimed they did. I was told about tickslick from a holistic vet. I got a bottle and sprayed it on my dog every morning before we headed out. It smells great and he hardly got any ticks. Just ordered a lot more to stock up for this tick season.

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